Greetings to our resident and returning members, we hope you had a wonderful summer and were able to take part in some of the activities and programs the chapter hosted and co-hosted since May.

In September, we joined forces with our neighboring Audubon chapters, Audubon of Martin County and Pelican Island Audubon Society, to host the screening of the film Albatross, by filmmaker Chris Jordan (click HERE to learn more), at the Kight Center at Indian River State College.The film is a timely and poignant story about the innocence and perseverance of birds and how what our daily lives affects them, thousands of miles away. With nearly 100 in attendance and a great audience discussion afterward, viewers came away with a renewed commitment to conservation and education in Florida and abroad.

Our season member meeting schedule opens in October with a native plant sale (come early and bring the checkbook to shop!) and continues with a plethora of interesting and informative speakers ahead.

National Audubon Society’s 119th Christmas Bird Count will take place in St. Lucie County in December, so check for announcements if you’d like to participate or sponsor the event. Here’s to a wonderful Dry Season and good birding ahead!

Eva Ries, President