Can you believe we’re almost at the end of 2018? What a Year of the Bird it’s been for Audubon and our feathered friends, with both victories and losses in Florida and the nation.


On the “victory” side, you can join the National Audubon Society’s 119th Christmas Bird Count, and annual event, here in St. Lucie County on December 22nd by contacting Ed Bowes, Citizen Science Chair, at slacbc2010@gmail.com, to join the team. You don’t need to be an expert birder, and you’ll be contributing to science which has been helping birds for 119 years!

And, it’s that time again…a gentle reminder that chapter dues are coming up for renewal. Many members join through the National Audubon Society, which helps fund the chapter of their primary residence.

However, local chapters offer memberships as well. Why have national and local memberships? Florida has many part-time residents who participate in our programs, so we need everyone’s support to fund the work we do here with a chapter-specific membership. Will you consider chapter membership to support the work this chapter does on the Treasure Coast? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the tireless work of our Webmaster, Mary Dodge, for conducting extensive research and then migrating all our information to a new and updated website. It took many hours, much patience, and several work-arounds to make this possible, and we hope you like what you see so far. Thank you, Mary!

Migrating birds are arriving and making themselves seen and heard. Get those binoculars handy and hit the trails, folks!

--Eva Ries