Wild Turkeys roam the Adams Ranch lands.

Wild Turkeys roam the Adams Ranch lands.

After a very busy 2018 full of birding, events, and programs…a new birding year is upon us!

Up for an adventure at one of the biggest historical gems in the county? Our annual fundraising event of the year, a tour of Adams Ranch, is here! We have dates in January, February and March, so don’t delay – get your ticket HERE today!

In February, the chapter will support the 2019 St. Lucie Regional STEM Fair by awarding the Grace Stock Environmental Award to three outstanding student projects. We are proud to again support our county students explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the learning experience of participating in projects for this Fair.

Keep an eye on the skies for our resident and dry season migratory birds, especially hummingbird species as they are seeking out blooms and feeders in the area.

As always – Happy Birding!

— Eva Ries

January 2019